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 $161 Radiator Installed          04-01-2017, 05:03 PM

Bought this radiator (On Ebay) . 2 Rows/Dual cores. The tank is twice as wide as the OE version. Welds look great. The mounting tangs for fans and condenser are in the right location and thick enough to carry the load; however, they are easily bent. All hose fittings are correct and it comes with fittings for the oil cooler on the passenger's side.

The only modification required is to cut off the 2 tabs welded to the top of the radiator and one on the bottom driver's side. I cut off at the weld peak and it fit perfectly. You use the original rubber mount on the driver's side and one is provided to insulate the passenger side stud. The radiator took almost 1 gallon more of coolant than the original. After a couple of test drives everything sealed up and temps were about 10 degrees lower than before. I have not driven in stop and go traffic yet.


15 months later....

marc a  CF Senior Member

 Update                              07-19-2018, 11:01 PM

Core failed a couple of weeks ago . . . it was good while it lasted 



Ceedub53 CF Senior Member

Sorry to hear it did not work out for you. We all try to avoid the "Corvette Tax" when possible, but the horror stories I've read about cheap aluminum radiators from Ebay via China usually does not end well. My recommendation is a DeWitts Radiator. Made in the USA, quality is second to none. Pricey? Yes, But worth it. JMHO 


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