Black Ice (Radiator Coating)

  • Black Ice (Radiator Coating)

Black Ice is a unique product specifically designed for coating aluminum radiators. This two-part epoxy paint will adhere to raw aluminum and will never flake or peel. This kit includes two half pint cans. When combined it creates enough paint to coat two large radiators. The product is applied using an air type spray gun and only one or two coats is necessary. The activated product will cure to the touch in about twelve hours at room temperature. As the formula cures, the solvents evaporate and the product shrinks, to form a skin as little as .002" thin. This thin skin will protect the aluminum surface without any effect on heat transfer.

Black Ice can also be used to coat bare steel suspension parts without the need for a primer coat. 

This product is intended to be used by professional painters. Proper ventilation and protective gear must be used,including a respirator and painting gloves. Lacquer thinner or acetone based cleaner is required to clean up equipment. In case of emergency, MSDS are available as a download at the bottom of the page. 


It's like powder coat in a can!