Universal Brushless Fan Kit

  • Universal Brushless Fan Kit
  • Universal Brushless Fan Kit
  • Universal Brushless Fan Kit
  • Universal Brushless Fan Kit

An industry exclusive solution for mounting SPAL's 300 or 500-watt brushless fans to nearly any radiator. Injection molded from a heat resistant space age polymer offering decades of performance and durability. Easily trimmable to fit most applications and offers full coverage on core sizes between 22.5" to 27.5" wide. A “Direct Fit®” on all models built with hat channel side supports. Includes all mounting hardware and flaps.

The new SPAL brushless fans are ideal for engine and oil cooling, HVAC, and auxiliary cooling applications. These new fans were developed and designed with cutting edge technology, high energy ferrite magnets, and a state-of-the-art sine wave sensorless drive. These motors reach more than 82% electrical efficiency, placing our 300W and 500W power range products among the most efficient motors available anywhere. The result is high air-side performance at minimum electrical load. SBL motors are fully sealed to be IP68 and IP6K9K compliant and can operate in the presence of many aggressive or hazardous substances.

Standard Features

• PWM and analog input for continuous adjustment of fan speed.
• Open collector diagnostic output.
• Meets EMC directives: 2006/28/EC.
• Low weight motor.
• Higher ambient working temperature.
• Protection against:
   Overcurrent and overvoltage.
   Mechanical overload.
   Locked rotor.
   Load dump.

Advanced Features

• High efficiency and low power consumption.
• Low noise, vibration, and harshness.
• Electronic controls with on-board diagnostics.
• Motor with integrated electronics.
• Battery compensation system.
• Proprietary sine-wave sensorless drive (SPAL-patent).
• Low inertia inner rotor design.

Complete Kit - 32-SP480

Shroud Only - 32-SP080

For an instruction sheet on installing, please click here.